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Mega-CatchTM Mosquito Trap Accessories and Parts

Our outdoor mosquito traps are great for ensuring that mosquitoes are not invited to your next event. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, you own your restaurant, or you simply want to take in the cool, evening air, MegaCatchTM mosquito trap machines are an ideal solution to a bug-free occasion.

However, as with any other product on the market, you may find yourself looking for accessories to optimize your experience. While MegaCatchTM products are great at mosquito control on their own, we offer a wide range of complementary products to improve your experience. From weatherproof covers that will enhance resilience to adaptor sets that allow you to bring your MegaCatchTM machine with you as you travel internationally, we have everything you need to get the most out of your mosquito trap.

CO2 Mosquito Trap Accessories

A mosquito trap with CO2 replicates host respiration by releasing small amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. This increases the catch rate as it makes the trap seem more attractive to mosquitoes.

If you’re opting to use CO2 as bait, you’ll need a few components to make that possible. First, you’ll need a CO2 cylinder to hold the gas and a gas regulator to control its release from the cylinder. You may also consider a trolley and cover to make moving the machine and its components easier.

UV Fan Mosquito Machine Accessories

Ultraviolet fan mosquito traps appeal to a wide variety of mosquito species, thereby increasing their catch rate. Of course, to utilize this feature, you’ll need to replace the UV bulbs. You have the option to stock up on the standard UV bulbs, or you can opt for a black ​​UV bulb.

It’s been shown that black bulbs catch up to 12% more mosquitoes than the standard version. Additionally, they tend to attract fewer non-mosquito animals, such as moths, resulting in an exponential increase in the effectiveness of your machine.

The Best Accessories for Mosquito Traps That Work

At MegaCatchTM, we have a large selection of the best accessories for your mosquito control devices. You even have options for improving the capture rate of your trap using chemical attractants. These Fragrance Strips for mosquito traps are perfect for mosquito species that show a high attractiveness to the chemical, and you can add sugar water to a catch bucket to trick mosquitos into believing your trap is an ideal source of energy.

How to Find Accessories for the Best Mosquito Traps At MegaCatchTM

MegaCatchTM traps are an excellent alternative to mosquito sprays and mosquito repellents. In the end, however, determining what works best for your area will take a bit of experimentation.

To help you in that experimentation, we provide an abundance of accessories to help you perfect your trap. If you want to know more about the benefits of our accessories, reach out to our team today.