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Mega-CatchTM Mosquito Trap Bundles

A MegaCatchTM device is one of the most effective forms of mosquito control on the market. These mosquito repellent alternatives attract and capture the pests to reduce their breeding population and minimize the nuisance.

With an outdoor mosquito trap, you can ensure that mosquitoes don’t harass you the next time you’re enjoying the great outdoors. Furthermore, to guarantee that you’re maximizing the effectiveness of your machine, we offer an abundance of great accessories that complement your device and provide optimal convenience.

The Trap’s unique modular design enables the end user to service the trap themselves, at home, and without the need for any specialty tools or training – all that is needed is a screwdriver. All connections are now color-coded to make it easier to replace modules. Additionally all the connectors are keyed so that connectors can’t be plugged into the wrong place.

Speaking of optimal convenience, a better way to secure a new mosquito control device is by purchasing the best mosquito trap accessories. That’s why we’re happy to offer these cost-effective, time-saving bundles, so you can get back to planning the best backyard barbecue your neighborhood has ever seen.

Save Money with a Mosquito Trap Bundle

The ALPHA Mosquito Trap places the decisive technology of the ULTRA line into a lightweight and compact design. The ALPHA offers superior capture rates and a competitive price tag with an improved heat profile and multi-frequency ultraviolet LEDs.

Our ALPHA Trap Bundle comes ready-to-go with an extension cord that allows you to expand the distance it can reach from the nearest power source. In addition to the mosquito trap machine, the bundle also features a MegaCatchTM Fragrance Strip to improve the machine’s effectiveness by utilizing an octenol mosquito trap.

Best UV Fan Mosquito Machine

The popular PREMIER XC Trap mimics human behavior to attract and neutralize mosquitoes across an entire acre of coverage! Better still, because it can be fully customized, you’re able to experiment to find the best settings for maximizing efficiency in your specific area.

With our PREMIER XC Trap Bundle, you receive some of the best accessories for our top UV fan mosquito trap. This bundle includes a catch bag for easy containment of biting pests, a fragrance strip, and a standard UV bulb to maximize its capture potential.

Best CO2 Mosquito Trap

Quickly the most potent mosquito trap in our line, the ULTRA Ultimate Trap utilizes carbon dioxide, heat, and UV light to attract mosquitoes from up to 150 feet away, thanks to an improved heat profile and multi-frequency ultraviolet LEDs. While you can quickly start it up with the “Press-N-Go” feature, there are thousands of customization options that allow you to get the most out of your machine.

The ULTRA Ultimate Trap Bundle offers maximum convenience by providing the best accessories to increase its effectiveness, as well as its portability. The bundle includes a CO2 cylinder for holding the gas, a trolley and cover for easy transportation and protection of the cylinder, a fragrance strip and standard UV bulb to maximize capture rates, and a convenient catch bag for imprisoning the pests that it attracts.

By opting for this bundle, you’ll not only have the power of our best mosquito trap but all the best accessories for optimizing its efficiency. If you want true all-in-one simplicity, this bundle is for you.

Find the Right Mosquito Trap Bundle for You At Mega-CatchTM

At MegaCatchTM, we realize there’s no room for error when it comes to the comfort and safety of you, your family, and your guests. If you’re going to invest in a mosquito spray alternative, you deserve to be confident that you’re making the right choice the first time.

We consider your pest-free comfort to be our passion. If you want to know more about the best mosquito trap bundle for you and the area in which you live, contact our team today.