Digitally controlled, high speed smart fan with anti-jam protection for Pro 900 Ultra/Premier XC/Premier traps.
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New all-weather fan design with integrated digital monitoring system and highly polished blade surfaces to maximize performance and minimize fan damage/maintenance.

The Fan Overload Detection software detects if the fan jams through a blockage i.e. stick, lizard or frog. It stops and then tries again until the blockage is cleared.


The fan is crucial for mosquito capture and a dirty or clogged fan will impair trap performance and have an impact on capture rates. If the fan is not working, it may need to be cleaned, or if damaged, replaced.

Mega-Catch™ Ultra, Premier XC and Premier Traps have a unique modular design that enables them to be DIY self-serviceable. That means most maintenance and repair jobs can be carried out by you, the owner.

Whether it’s replacing or cleaning the Fan our DIY Video will guide you through the process – step by step. You can also refer to specific worksheets which can be downloaded from our online workshop.