why our traps?

Scientific testing at various locations around the world have proven Mega-Catch™ systems to be effective in catching and reducing mosquito populations as well as other types of biting insects.

Mega-Catch™ mosquito traps have consistently out-performed competing brands in independent scientific trials. labresultsmosquito.gif


Mega-Catch™ ULTRA out catches Mosquito Magnet® Pro

A comparison of commercially available mosquito traps in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia: comparing the Mega-Catch™ Ultra and the Mosquito Magnet® Pro (Feb 2004)


Dr Scott A. Ritchie, PhD (University of Florida) and Dr Craig R. Williams, PhD (University of South Australia). Read Full Test Report.


"I had to write to you guys!!! This trap is amazing!!! I have the Premier Pro 900, it’s been working now for about 24 hours and it’s constantly covered with Mosquitos!! I can’t believe it. It worked right away….curiosity got the better of me and I checked the catch bowl this morning and it had at least 200 skeeters in it. Wow. Already. Finally a gadget that actually works as described. I’m so happy with it. I live in Northern N.H. and it ate up quite a few black flies as well in its first 24 hours. Can’t wait for it to be running for a few weeks so it will really put a dent in the Blood-Sucking beasts! Great Product, Easy Set Up, Very Quiet, and I watched them hover around and get sucked right in. Very gratifying to see them meet their demise. Thank You."

John S, New Hampshire, USA 

"The outcome of using the Mega-Catch trap has been a MUCH reduced number of mosquitoes. So while we haven’t completely wiped out mosquitoes we’ve reduced the numbers to the point where it is comfortable. The kids are rarely bitten nowadays which is fantastic and the guests are certainly enjoying the fact that they’re just not there."

Charles & Nikki Graves, Waiheke Island, Auckland, NZ

Why Mega-Catch traps?