CO2 Cylinder (Unfilled)

Beverage grade 20lb CO2 cylinder for use with 800 and Pro 900 Series Mega-Catch™ Ultra Mosquito Traps. Ships ready to fill. Qualifies for Free UPS Ground Shipping (Contiguous USA Only)


The 20lb Aluminium gas cylinder is certified for use in the U.S. and Canada*. Includes New Brass CGA 320 CO2 Valve and comes with a handle for easy transportation.

  • Cylinder weight empty: 25.1 lb
  • Height: 27 inches

Ships ready to fill (EMPTY).

*A regulator adapter (CGA 320 to BS341 N.o 8) may be required for use outside of North America.


We recommend and supply 20lb (9kg) aluminium food grade CO2 Cylinders for use with the ULTRA Trap. We don't recommend using industrial grade (steel) CO2 Cylinders as they may contain steel filings which can block the CO2 gas release mechanism in the Ultra trap.

It's important to look after your CO2 Cylinder well and for guidance on how to do this, we recommend downloading Luxfer Gas Cylinders Care & Maintenance Guide.


Transporting compressed gas cylinders is considered hazardous by most shipping companies therefore your cylinder will be empty and need a fill when it arrives.

NOTE: the cylinder may expel some air when the valve is first opened. This is a result of the manufacturer’s quality control testing, but it should expel for no longer than a few seconds.

To find a store location where you can fill your CO2 gas cylinder use the links on our Gas Suppliers page.