catch bag vs catch bucket

Mega-Catch™ Ultra and Premier models have dual catch methods – there’s the option of using a mesh catch bag (dry) or catch bucket (liquid). The catch bag method requires less attention and is recommended if the trap is going to be left unattended for any long period of time (e.g. vacation). However the wet catch bucket method is usually more effective as it adds humidity into the air plume. 

“We have lots of the Asian Tiger mosquitoes……After less than one week using only the water container and no scent bars we found hundreds, yes hundreds in the water. This result is beyond anything we expected.” 

E. Smith, Chelsea, Alabama.

With a bit of soda pop or fruit juice added to the water in the catch bucket, you can create a cocktail beloved by mosquitoes everywhere. That’s because mosquitoes identify nectar/sugar as a source of energy, and adding this to the mix can enhance your catch and kill rate.


Here are some customized ‘cocktail’ recipes that trap owners swear gets results:

“I really enjoy experimenting with different “lures”. Polo green cologne and a splash of Mountain Dew work better than anything else I have tried. (And I have tried lots of things).” 

R Jones, Lugoff, South Carolina, USA

Do understand there are plenty of mosquitoes to go around at this time of year. One step outside and they’re all over you. But for some reason, it feels good to know that the trap is killing so many beyond that… fewer to lay eggs in the future!”

S. Decatur, Merritt Island, FL, USA

“Apart from being efficient, low maintenance traps, the design – allowing the owner to service them yourself – is brilliant…. I use wet containers with a couple of drops of Fairy dishwashing liquid plus a teaspoon of fructose sugar.” 

B. Airas, 10900 Hanko, Finland

Studies have shown that certain mosquito species (Aedes, Anopheles, Culex) are attracted by foot odor, and smelly socks in particular.

As an alternative DIY attractant we recommend you place a worn, smelly sock inside the bottom of your trap next to the catch bucket/bag. Or you could try Limburger cheese which has the same effect according to entemologist Dr Dan Kline "I also found mosquitoes love Limburger cheese. Interestingly enough, the main ingredient in the cheese is a bacterium that can be found on the human foot.”