Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Home

27th Jan 2021

Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Home

If you’re outnumbered by mosquitoes in your home and sick of the constant swatting and itching, you’ll be more than ready to say sayonara to biters. There’s certainly good reason to remove mosquitoes from your home – not only are they annoying, but you don't want to be the unlucky one who gets a serious disease from an innocent bite. Here we look at the most common ways to ban mosquitoes from your indoor area.

Repellents and sprays

It may provide an instant fix, but constantly lathering up in toxic repellents or showering your home in poisonous bug sprays is not a healthy long-term solution. Even popular bug spray manufacturers recommend that children and pets be outside or in another room when spraying, and you should leave the area post-spray – inhaling it, if you hadn't already figured out, is extremely harmful.

Close them out

You're a strange one if you welcome mosquitoes into your home with open arms. These pesky buzzers sneak in through the smallest of cracks. In the height of an American Summer (or any Summer anywhere on the planet), it’s simply not practical to keep doors and windows closed at all times, so installing window and door screens is a smart solution. Don’t forget to check for gaps around external door frames too. A basic door strip is inexpensive and has the added benefits of insulating your home and preventing other unwanted (insect) house guests.

Trap them in their tracks

An indoor mosquito trap like the MegaCatch Alpha uses pulsing LED light and heat to attract biters. It’s not always practical to keep screen doors closed with the popularity of free-flowing indoor-outdoor living – which is why non-toxic indoor traps are a great solution.

Address your outdoor area

Getting to the root of your mosquito problem is the best way to stop them sneaking indoors. The single best thing you can do is to break their lifecycle by removing breeding grounds outside your home. Get rid of the main offenders:

  • Remove any standing water like puddles, potholes, buckets, or wheelbarrows.
  • Clean gutters regularly so they drain freely.
  • Keep swimming pools chlorinated and free of dead leaves.
  • Empty and clean pet water dishes regularly.
  • Empty outdoor plant drip trays and fill with sand (and water) – mosquitoes can’t breed there but plants can still absorb the water.

Regular use of an outdoor mosquito trap will also reduce your mosquito population and as a result, fewer mosquitoes will make their way indoors.

If you can’t stop them in their tracks, trap them in their tracks

The best way to reduce the number of mosquitoes coming indoors is to reduce the number in your backyard. The next line of defence is using barriers like window and door bug screens. For when this isn’t possible, a good indoor trap will protect you and your family from these pesky biters – best of all, it’s completely safe and non-toxic. So, say goodbye to mosquitoes in your home and sayonara to swatting and itching.