How to choose the best mosquito traps for indoors

19th Oct 2020

How to choose the best mosquito traps for indoors

How to choose the best mosquito traps for indoors

Free yourself from nights of buzzing and biting

While mosquitoes can have you slapping yourself in the face, they’re more than just irritating – they can also transmit diseases harmful to you and your family.

So how do you keep them out? It’s not usually practical (or enjoyable) to keep doors and windows firmly closed on warm summer evenings, so a great idea is investing in the best mosquito traps for indoors to save your sanity and sleep. So, what should you look for when trying to rid your home of mosquitoes?

Deterrents – the citronella factor

Not strictly mosquito traps, citronella candles or the essential oil are often the first port of call for their natural properties and pleasing appearance. A citronella candle emits a scent that mosquitoes don’t like, sending them elsewhere. While they might keep mosquitoes at bay, they’re still going to be in your home waiting to pounce once the candle is out and the scent disperses!

The verdict? More ambience than assassination. Additionally, the temptation to leave it burning overnight is dangerous.


Part science experiment, part functional item, a DIY indoor mosquito trap is a cheap option for ridding your home of biters – but you might find that it’s not all that effective. A litre-sized empty soda bottle and some common household ingredients can entice mosquitoes to a point of no return. While it might be a fun project at first, the logistics of clearing it out and replacing it daily will lose its fun factor relatively quickly.

The verdict? A fun and low-cost mosquito trapping option, but not entirely practical as a long-term solution.

There’s an app for that

Ultrasonic insect repellers claim to work by emitting sound at a frequency not noticeable to humans. These can be broadcast by wearable devices, an app on your phone or a device plugged in at home. A Brazilian radio station even tried broadcasting the frequency alongside their regular programming to keep listeners safe from mosquitoes. While there are still a lot of ultrasonic mosquito repellers on the market, scientists were quick to perform field studies proving them relatively useless.

The verdict? From a scientific perspective, the jury is still very much out.

Mosquito Traps

Chances are you’ve come across a mosquito trap for the indoors.Today’s traps like the Mega-Catch ALPHA Mosquito Trap feature sleek styling and some have insulation to eliminate the noises that might have kept you up at night. You can even change a regular 110-volt light socket with a specially designed lightbulb that is up to the task. While the effectiveness of LED light-based mosquito traps is clear by the number of bugs that meet their doom, to effectively target mosquitoes they’re best combined with Octenol – a chemical attractant that is irresistible to those pesky bloodsuckers.

The verdict? Safe, simple, and effective – the best mosquito trap for indoors to rid your home of night biters.

Get to the root of the issue – minimise mozzies outside

While you can’t control the odd mosquito sneaking indoors, the single best thing you can do to reduce their visits is to address your outdoor area. This means getting rid of any mosquito breeding-grounds around your property. Mosquitoes love stagnant water, so check for any puddles, blocked gutters or landscape features that might be providing the perfect home for these biting buzzers. Interrupting their breeding cycle with ongoing use of an outdoor mosquito trap like the Mega-Catch ULTRA Mosquito Trap will also keep them at bay, leaving your indoor mosquito trap to deal with the stragglers.

Mega-Catch traps offer you and your family ongoing protection from mosquitoes with a range of high quality indoor and outdoor traps. They are safe, environmentally friendly and low maintenance – meaning you can leave them to do the hard work while you enjoy a mosquito-free home.

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