ALPHA Mega-Pack

Purchase this mega pack and save 15%! Includes 4 x Mega-Catch™ Fragrance Strips + 15' Alpha Extension Cord.
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If you own or are thinking of purchasing a Mega-Catch ALPHA Mosquito Trap for yourself or loved ones, then the ALPHA Mega-Pack is a great accessories pack for you with cost savings. The pack includes an ALPHA Trap Extension Cord (a must-have for larger coverage outdoor areas) as well as 4 Mega-Catch Fragrance Strips which contain minute quantities of synthetic Octenol and other specially formulated ingredients which are designed to attract a wider range of mosquitoes and other biting insects including sand flies, black flies and biting midges (no-see-ums).

Fits 600, 800 and Pro 900 Series Alpha traps.


All Mega-Catch™ mosquito traps are designed to work with or without attractants however different mosquito species respond in different ways and there are so many variations in their behaviours and in the things that attract and repel them. Some species may not be overly attracted to Octenol so it pays to experiment in order to determine whether Mega-Catch™ Fragrance Strips are MORE or LESS effective with the mosquito species in your area.

Once opened the active attracting ingredients will slowly dissipate. We recommend that lures should be replaced every 30 days to remain effective and to maintain optimum capture rates throughout the entire season.

When storing your trap at the end of the season, remove and discard any opened attractant lures.