Trap Stand - ALL TRAPS

Enables the trap to be suspended at the optimum height for catching mosquitoes. For all 800 and Pro 900 Series mosquito traps.
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The trap stand comes included at time of purchase with all Ultra, Premier XC and Pemier Traps and is an optional accessory item for use with the Alpha Trap.

Robustly designed for outdoor use, the trap stand is constructed of steel which is first zinc plated and then powder coated for added protection.


Your Mega-Catch™ Trap should hang or be suspended so that it is approximately 2 to 3 feet above ground level.

The Trap stand is the optimum height for suspending your Mega-Catch™ trap.

The Stand hook has been designed in a way that will prevent the Trap from falling off the stand accidentally. To hang the Trap on the Stand, hold the Trap in an upright position so that the top of the trap is next to the hook on the Stand. Then swing the bottom of the Trap outwards (through an arc of about 45 degrees) so that the top of the Trap can fit thru the gap in the hook.

Alternatively it can also be hung from a tree or fixed post using a chain/rope (or the like) connected to the attachment hole at the top of the trap.