The Top 5 Plants Mosquitoes Hate

15th May 2018

The Top 5 Plants Mosquitoes Hate

The top 5 plants mosquitoes hate

Banish mosquitoes from your backyard with a well placed Mega-Catch™ trap together with some carefully selected plants.

The Top 5 Plants Mosquitoes Most Hate:

1. Citronella is by far the most popular plant for repelling mosquitoes. The plant contains citronella oil which is released when the leaves are crushed. The smell of citronella is so strong that mosquitoes find it impossible to sniff out their next target. So break a few leaves off the plant, rub them onto your skin and scatter them around whenever you’re working in the garden.

2. Horsemint is a plant that works much the way citronella does in repelling mosquitoes. It gives off a strong odor and while mosquitoes may not mind the smell so much they can’t detect their hosts through it so move on.

3. Marigolds, another popular plant for the garden (and bridal bouquets!) are in favor mainly because of their looks not their fragrance. Mosquitoes find their smell particularly offensive and tend not to go anywhere near them.

4. Ageratum. Mosquitoes just can’t stand the smell of this plant which secretes coumarin. A chemical compound which occurs naturally in some plants, coumarin is also produced snythetically and is found in many OTC mosquito repellents.

5. Catnip, beloved by cats, loathed by mosquitoes. This amazing mosquito deterrent is said to be ten times more effective than DEET!

A little bit of preparation and judicial planting now should help transform your backyard into a buzz free oasis this summer.