Preparing Mosquito Traps For Winter

29th Nov 2019

Preparing Mosquito Traps For Winter

Going into hibernation mode

Not all mosquitoes die off or migrate like birds. Some species seek out basements, storm sewers, stables, hollow logs or animal burrows in which to hibernate and hide out from the cold. Others do die, but lay their eggs in freezing water beforehand, where they lie on the ground like seeds, waiting for warm weather and spring rains to hatch and produce the next generation.

To extend the life of your outdoor furniture and yard equipment (including your mosquito trap) it’s a good idea to cover and store them in an area protected from harsh winter weather. Don’t forget to drain the fuel from all gas operated equipment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers and chainsaws. And for a trouble-free start to the next mosquito season, we recommend the following steps for winterizing your trap.

1. Turn off your Mega-Catch™ Trap and disconnect the power cable.If you have an ULTRA, turn off and disconnect the regulator from the CO2 cylinder.

2. To ensure that insects don’t nest in your CO2 system during the off-season place the regulator in a sealed bag, and place some electrical tape or similar over the end of the gas line (attached to the rear of the trap).

3. Remove the skirt from ULTRA/PREMIER models and wipe down the outside of the trap with clean warm soapy water and a damp cloth.

4. Using a Philips screwdriver, open up your ULTRA/PREMIER Trap, and clean the internal plates,heated reflective surface and fan with warm soapy water. Allow to dry thoroughly. (Step by step guide in the Operation manual or download from our online workshop). 

5. To clean the ALPHA Trap, remove the base and using a small sponge or toothbrush, and warm soapy water, reach into the trap and carefully clean the inside casing of the fan and fan blades.

6. Remove and discard any opened attractant lures – they’re only effective for 30 days.

7. Remove and clean the mesh catch bag – pollen, dust and dirt can prohibit airflow and prevent your trap from working efficiently. If the catch bag is torn or damaged in any way, remove, discard and start next season with a fresh mesh bag.

8. To extend the life of your trap, store it in a garage or shed, protected from the elements and extreme cold.

9. Mid-way through winter, turn on your trap and let it run for a day. This will keep the fan moving (ULTRA/PREMIER/ALPHA) and in the case of 800 Series Ultra/Premier Traps, the timer battery charged.

Congratulations, your Mega-Catch™ trap, like most mosquitoes, is now in ‘hibernation’ until next season.