Meet These Big Mosquitoes

29th Nov 2016

Meet These Big Mosquitoes

Beware the super-sized mosquitoes

Super sized and with a bite to match, mega mosquitoes known as gallinippers, are set to invade Florida this summer where major tropical events such as Tropical Storm Debby awakened the dormant eggs.

The female gallinipper (Psorophora ciliata) feeds day and night. It goes after people, will bite pets and even fish, out in the wild.

So prepare yourselves, this mosquito can pierce through several layers of clothing with a single bite. Due to their sheer size and robust physique, the gallinipper may be less susceptible to standard insect repellents. The best way to protect against these super-sized mosquitoes is to wear bug spray with DEET and cover up as best as possible.

They are primarily found in the southeastern United States, but their range extends as far north as Ontario and Quebec, and well into the mid-west. Psorophora ciliata has also been found as far south as Argentina. A study has shown that these notoriously aggressive mosquitoes are attracted by light. Mosquito Traps like Mega-Catch™, that incorporate light as an attractant method, may be more successful at controlling this particular species than traps that don’t.