CO2 Upgrade For Our Mosquito Traps

23rd Mar 2016

CO2 Upgrade For Our Mosquito Traps

Upgrade your Premier XC Traps with CO2

After a spike in West Nile virus cases, everyone is on high alert for a resurgence of the disease. Because most infections occur between June and September, hitting their peak in August, ongoing preventive measures are essential. So keep your traps running, slap on the bug spray and try and stay indoors after dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

Great gadgets: upgrade your Premier XC trap to CO2

While our traps don’t need Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to attract mosquitoes, operation of Mega-Catch’s™ patented ‘Variable Quanti ty Slow CO2 Gas Release System’ will boost capture rates of targeted species including those West Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes. Mega-Catch™ ULTRA traps come CO2 ready, all that’s needed is a gas cylinder (sold separately).

If you have a Pro 900 PREMIER XC trap it can be upgraded to CO2 with an after-market CO2 upgrade kit. The upgrade kit is simple to install, all you’ll need is a Phillips screwdriver and some Loctite medium strength thread locker. Once installed, the upgrade kit converts or ‘transforms’ the PREMIER XC, making it Carbon Dioxide (CO2) capable and ready to connect to a CO2 cylinder (sold separately).

This enables the traps to replicate a key feature of human/animal respiration by releasing or ‘exhaling’ variable amounts of CO2 into the air plume. Use of this system is entirely optional and the trap can be run with or without the gas turned on. However, if you are battling a challenging mosquito problem we strongly recommend that you operate your trap with CO2 as this can increase the coverage area (up from 1 acre to 1.5 acres) and capture rates by as much as 300-400%.