Are CO2 Mosquito Traps Worthy Of The Buzz?

12th Nov 2020

Are CO2 Mosquito Traps Worthy Of The Buzz?

How CO2 mosquito traps work and how effective are they?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is all around us – we and lots of other animals, breathe it out. Mosquitoes have turned this to their advantage, using those gusts of CO2 as signs that a delicious mammal is ready to offer up a meal. Mosquitoes can actually sense your breath from nearly ten metres away! Luckily, the tables have been turned – CO2 mosquito traps use this to lure mosquitos and other biting insects away from you. 

So let’s take a closer look at the science behind CO2 mosquito traps and how well they work.

How CO2 mosquito traps work

CO2 mosquito traps play on mosquitoes’ instincts by mimicking human (or animal) breath. The traps typically release a plume of CO2 gas that imitates exhalation. These puffs of gas trick mosquitoes, luring them away from a tasty meal nearby. Female mosquitoes (the biters) are even more food motivated – they need extra nourishment to produce eggs or feed their young. Traps are typically fitted with a vacuum or sticky surface, which puts them out of action.

Is COsafe?

Yes, CO2 is naturally occurring. That means CO2 mosquito traps are completely safe for humans and pets. It’s not the CO2 that puts an end to the pesky mosquitoes’ biting days – that just acts as the bait.

How well do they work?

You’ll see results straight away – mosquitoes will head off in search of the mosquito trap instead of hanging around your barbecue area, waiting for their chance to strike. Better yet, using an outdoor mosquito trap over six to eight weeks will reduce the mosquito population in your area. That’s because catching a large number of female mosquitoes will eventually disrupt the reproduction cycle, meaning fewer backyard biters for everyone. Great news if you hate getting bitten.

To get the best out of your outdoor mosquito trap, it’s important to look at what times mosquitoes tend to bother you the most. So quite simply, if they’re a particular problem at dawn and dusk, these will be the best times to run your outdoor mosquito trap.

Safe, effective and natural

Sadly, getting rid of mosquitoes completely from an outdoor area is impossible. Using a CO2-based outdoor mosquito trap like the MegaCatch Ultra Mosquito Trap is a safe, effective and natural way to make a noticeable dent in the mozzie population infesting your backyard. 

To reclaim your backyard, and to get ready before next Spring and Summer, see our full range of outdoor mosquito traps, and explore our array of MegaCatch outdoor CO2 mosquito traps.