Are CO2 Mosquito Traps The Best Choice For Your Home?

26th Jan 2021

Are CO2 Mosquito Traps The Best Choice For Your Home?

Let’s face it, no one likes skeeters and we’re often torn between keeping our families safe from itching and diseases and the liberal application of toxic repellents or sprays. With constant innovation happening in the mosquito-fighting world, the options are endless. CO2 traps have emerged as the all-round standout for keeping your family safe from backyard biters – here’s why.

They lure mosquitoes in

Mosquitoes are instinctively drawn to CO2 (it essentially spells a big, delicious meal to them). So rather than waiting for passers-by like other traps and repellents, CO2-based outdoor mosquito traps actively lure mosquitoes away from you and your family, and into the trap.

They are a family-friendly option

These traps mimic mosquito-loving human (or animal) breath by releasing CO2. Since its a naturally occurring gas, it’s a perfectly safe, non-toxic option for long-term use around pets and kids.

They only target nasties

CO2 traps actively lure blood-thirsty biters, meaning you won’t need to worry about harming garden helpers like moths and beetles. Other traps and sprays aren’t so discerning. With CO2 traps, friendly insects will go on their merry way while mosquitoes and other biting flies are subjected to a different fate.

They provide long term gains

While results will be immediate, using an outdoor CO2 trap over 6-8 weeks will reduce the overall mosquito population in your backyard. Trapping a large number of mozzies over time will disrupt the breeding cycle and result in a whole lot less backyard biters worrying your family.

Skeeters be gone

While the presence of mosquitoes is, unfortunately a fact of life, reducing their numbers in a safe, effective way is your best bet in the fight against biters. CO2-based outdoor mosquito traps like the MegaCatch Ultra Mosquito Trap top the charts for all-round use and will protect you and your family long term.